the disturbing hedge


If I take a break from the world of unaccompanied voices, I tend to indulge in recording instrumental pieces – ambient, funky, electronic. In my giddy & impressionable university years in the ’60s, I doted somewhat on musique concrète & Stockhausen, and even once played guitar in a Victoria University Music Department performance of Aus den sieben Tagen. I spent many hours home alone with a couple of tape recorders whipping up wild & dangerous sound collages and even had one of these items played at an experimental music festival in Wellington. Clearly this unfortunate phase never ended, as I now find myself heading down a new yet senseless path of abstract /electronic abandon. Unfortunate doors, backwards guitars, the cold tap in the mens of the Raglan Hotel, a gate in the Lake District, someone’s dad playing the piano, synthesisers, overwrought percussion, the aroma of cheap brie….

You can find my 2020 leap into obscurity The Disturbing Hedge on Bandcamp.
(Other tracks will be added from time to time…)
reminders hints or shadows
this is no exception
a respectful distance
the disturbing hedge
still life with hangover
across the swamp of time
who struck the match?

All compositions, voices, lyrics, noises and instruments by my evil twin, Van Da Miért. Sampled vocals courtesy of Blessed Relief.

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