A cappella tutorial MP3s

In these recordings you will learn the parts for some traditional gospel songs. Each song consists of the component parts (soprano/alto/tenor/bass) as separate tracks, where the Mighty Demonstrators show you the basics of your part. Finally, you get a complete performance of the song, with additional lead lines or improvised variants.

“I’d never want to be without this. It’s the best tutorial I’ve come across. Easy to use, with separate tracks for each part and section. A great sampler of gospel songs sung with feeling and power, each one introduced with just the right amount of information. The next best thing to singing at one of Tony’s workshops!” — Fiona W, Wellington
”Possibly the best resource available for teachers and lovers of a cappella gospel singing. Jam packed with glorious songs presented in full four or five part harmony, and separated into parts, all performed by inspirational voices. Tony’s brilliant work is such a monumental gift to the voice loving world.”
– Jessie V, choir director NSW

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