The party of the year! Pleasantly exhausted now after Summersong 2023, and lounging about in Mullumbimby with the beloved and good friends: the camp was, I think, a total success. In my two morning classes, we reached some outrageous moments of driving joy, lustrous chords and unforeseen funk, and the a cappella impro circle was full of surprises — eccentric grooves and hilarity. Thanks to all you wonderful singers for pulling it all together, and thank you to the other tutors Shelly, Karl and Abbie for  your inspiration and to Pam & Troy for their ongoing rhythmic support.

Typically, I tortured myself by performing a new song (see pic above) ‘Time Is Precious’, written in response to the passing of many of the friends who have had a big impact on my life: Fane Flaws, Arthur Baysting, Rick Bryant, Jenny McLeod, Mike Knapp, Liz Pack. I also mourn the loss of Jeff Beck and David Crosby, two musicians I admired very much. It seemed to go OK, though as always I get everyone singing along to distract them from any vagaries of mine.
SAE in Byron turned out to be a great venue, and the Secret Chef catering team raised the culinary bar no end. An incredible start to the year. A HUGE thank you to my dear friend Terri Rowe and her tireless family, Brad and Jasmin for a herculean job in making it happen.

Now what? As far as workshops go, now that we’ve shelved the next Gospel Tour for the immediate future, we’re keeping it closer to home. Other than going to Italy with the CreateEscape, running some sessions in the UK and partying in Portugal through May-June, I’ll focus on Australia, NZ and the Pacific. A few surprises may eventuate, but I’ll be following the same loose circuit I’ve traditionally trod: Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Richmond, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour in Australia, and later reprising my 2022 NZ tour in reverse: Mana Retreat Centre, Wellington, Christchurch, Arrowtown. We will be taking a group to Fiji in late September, and running a residential week in Queenscliff, Vic. in October.

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