My double CD gospel set was popular enough to finally sell out — but now the nine songs where I teach the parts are now available as digital downloads on my website:

Each song title includes four separate mp3s to teach the SATB parts, and ends with a complete performance with all parts and solos, the whole shebang – and featuring some of my favourite singers. The songs are:
Amazing Grace
All Night All Day
I’m Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday
I Want To Be Ready
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
One Morning Soon
Out of the Depths
Shine On Me
Walk In The Light

“Having each vocal part recorded separately for me to practice along with or to harmonise against has been fabulous. I don’t read music, so repetition is my MO which makes this interactive tool so instructive for me. In fact, listening to the tracks is just like being in the room at one of Tony’s wonderful a cappella gospel singing workshops.” — Marita C, Victoria

“If I could buy the Rehearsing for Heaven CD-Set as a micro-chip in my brain, I would not hesitate for a second”— S. Brown, NSW

More tutorial audio files will be soon added to the roster. Rehearsing For Heaven Vol 2 will include Angels Keep Watching Over Me, Come Out The Wilderness and Power Is In The Heart Of Man and more.


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