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Freeing The Song plus A cappella – Rehearsing For Heaven 
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Freeing The Song plus Move On Up 
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Freeing the song – an approach to directing vocal groups (École de Fromage 2010; 80 pages, B5)

This book is for anyone who runs a community choir, chorus, vocal ensemble or quartet, for music teachers or for anyone who finds themselves teaching a song or running a workshop. It’s also for anyone who sings in a group or chorus or choir. The music examples I’ve chosen are all a cappella, and I refer to choirs a lot, but the ideas apply to any kind of vocal group. This book reflects my fairly informal notion of doing things (a notion I don’t always follow myself in the heat of the moment), and doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive. It reflects my influences: gospel choirs and quartets, early polyphony, South African gospel, Tamla Motown, funk, pop.

Contents include:
Warmups- freeing the voice
Group technique
Teaching the song
Creating the performance
Freeing the group – workshops and improvisation
and an appendix on Choir organisation


Freeing the song is available from the Australian Music Centre from Tony.
Price: NZ$25 + NZ$5 postage & handling anywhere in New Zealand.
AU$ 22 + AU$8 postage & handling anywhere in Australia.
GBP£ 13 + airmail postage and handling £12.60 by air (3-5 days) or £10.75 economy (5-10 days) to the UKElsewhere, contact Tony and we’ll work it out. Payment can be made via Paypal
(Please enter ‘FTS’ as the order number.)This page will contain further brainwaves, hypnotic gesticulations, additions and revisions to the book.
(A cappella – Rehearsing For Heaven also contains a few tips on working with a cappella groups and improvisation on pp 6-14.)
Tony is available for consultations on choral directing, vocal arranging, songwriting and
related a cappella questions via Skype.
So if you have burning questions  and would like a half-hour face-to-face with him online, 
contact us
 and we’ll book you in. $30 per half hour, payable via PayPal or PayMate.
“Imagine Tony Backhouse making a personal visit to your home. The two of you have an intimate conversation about the nuances of your singing, including specific feedback on how you can improve your technique, with demonstrations by the master himself. This dream is now both possible and affordable via a video call. Try it. I was amazed.”
 – John Graves, Bass, Heaven Bent Gospel Choir, Auckland.

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