Blessed Relief




Man Goes Shopping (Backhouse/Dasent)
Just Another View (Backhouse/Dasent)
Design For Living (Backhouse/Dasent)
I Live For Symmetry (Backhouse/Dasent)
Tomorrow’s Mullet (Backhouse/Dasent)
Call Me Elvis (Backhouse/Dasent)
Like David (Backhouse/Baysting)
New Sin (Backhouse/Dasent)
Grow A Moustache (Backhouse/Dasent)
Torch (Backhouse/Dasent)
No Healer Is Safe From Me (Backhouse/Dasent)
Nostalgia (Backhouse/Dasent)
I Fear For My Rug (Backhouse/Dasent/Flaws)

Tony Backhouse: guitar/vocals
Peter Dasent: keys

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