I’m running another Zoom session on CHOIR DIRECTING on Thursday August 26 2021, 6pm -7pm AEST./ 8pm-9pm NZ

This is for all song leaders AND singers, so please join me for a Q&A around what we get up to when we find ourselves in front of a choir. How do we get the sound we want? Do we always know what we want? As a starting point, I’ll open up my Freeing the Song book at  page 42 :Prepare The SongIf you have any specific questions I’d love to hear from you — feel free to email me in advance.
I will be online before the meeting about 9.30am to play a variety of choral music to set the tone,

If this interests you, you can access this in one of two ways:

  1. join me on Patreon for $30 a month and this session comes as part of the package; or
  2. email me for link and payment process ($15): info@tonybackhouse.com

Looking forward to seeing you.

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