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"truly outstanding...he is arguably Australia's finest gospel singer"
Sydney Morning Herald


The Café of the Gate of Salvation

The Café of the Gate of Salvation CD 001The Café of the Gate of Salvation
1991 (COTGOS CD 001)
Produced by Peter Cobbin at Studio 301, Sydney.

Tracks: Don't Wait For Sunday (Tony Backhouse), Rise Up (Alive Papademetriou), Child of Love (Tanya Sparke), Still Some Heaven Left To Find (Scott Bennett), It's Allright (Tanya Sparke), Two Wings (Tony Backhouse), I Dream of Angels (Judy Backhouse), There is Room At The Inn (Tony Backhouse), Steal Away (Tracey Greenberg), Mighty Cloud of Joy (Tanya Sparke), Through the Wilderness (Tony Backhouse), Resting Place (Stuart Davis), In The Spirit (Tony Backhouse).

Hear an excerpt from (I've Been Given) Two Wings
words and music by Tony Backhouse. Lead: Tony Backhouse

Hear an excerpt from Through the Wilderness
words and music by Tony Backhouse. Lead: Tony Backhouse

The Café of the Gate of Salvation

The Café of the Gate of Salvation - A Window in HeavenA Window in Heaven
1995 (COTGOS CD 002)
Produced by Llew Kiek at Megaphon Studios, Sydney

Tracks: Blessed Is (Tony Backhouse), Have You Heard (Stuart Davis), A Window In Heaven (Tony Backhouse), Never Thirst Again (Tony Backhouse), Love and Joy (Tracey Greenberg arr. Tony Backhouse), The Heart of Jesus (Tony Backhouse), Motherless Child (Trad. arr, Charles Wilson), Superman's Prayer (Tony Backhouse), Let The Fire Burn (Brendan Mooney), Free (William Selwyn), Far Beyond Us (Tony Backhouse), Jubilation (Tony Backhouse), Holy Boldness (Shirley Caesar arr. Stuart Davis).

Hear an excerpt from Blessed Is...
words and music by Tony Backhouse. Lead: Tony Backhouse

Hear an excerpt from Far Beyond Us
words and music by Tony Backhouse. Lead: Tony Backhouse

The Café of the Gate of Salvation

The Café of the Gate of Salvation - DeluxeDeluxe
2004 (COTGCD3)
Produced by Tony Backhouse, Stuart Davis.
Engineered by Robin Gist at Electric Avenue Studio, Sydney.

Tracks: Lost In the Heavenly Light (Tony Backhouse), I'll Keep On (Tony Backhouse), Save Me Some Grace (Tony Backhouse), The Lord's Prayer (Tony Backhouse), Make My Day (Judy Tihany), Shine On (Tony Backhouse), Only A Prayer Away (Tony Backhouse), Clean Heart (Tony Backhouse), Praying For Rain (Tony Backhouse), All Of Heaven (Tony Backhouse/Arthur Baysting), In The Shadow of Thy Wings (Tony Backhouse), There is a Rose (Tony Backhouse), (God Made The) Rhythm Machine (Tony Backhouse/Arthur Baysting/Mike Gubb).

Hear an excerpt from Shine On
words and music by Tony Backhouse. Lead: Tony Backhouse

Hear an excerpt from Clean Heart
words and music by Tony Backhouse. Lead: Tony Backhouse

The Heavenly Light Quartet

The Heavenly Lights - The Heavenly Light QuartetThe Heavenly Light Quartet
1997 (HLQ CD GN13/MRA)
Produced by John Prior and HLQ at Mammal Studios, Sydney (no relation)

16 gospel quartet classics.

Tracks: I Cried Holy, Meet You Over Yonder, Run along for a Long Time, Somewhere To Lay My Head, Ease My Troublin' Mind, Tone The Bell, Working On The Building, Careless Soul, I Looked Down The Line, Every Time I feel the Spirit, Jesus Met The Woman, Don't You Want to Join that Number, Build on that Shore, Let the Healing Waters Move, Our Father, Somebody's Knocking.

Hear an excerpt from Let The Healing Waters Move
P.D. Lead: Tony Backhouse

Hear an excerpt from Build On That Shore
P.D. Leads: Stuart Davis, Tony Backhouse 

Now available as downloads through

iTunes, Amazon and Bigpond.

Stephanie Dowrick / Tony Backhouse                                                              

Guided Meditations: Grace & Courage                                                                                                                                                     (2001) Vision Australia ( ISBN 978-1-86482-581-7)
Produced by Lesley Loughnan at Hullabaloo (2004)

Two intensely powerful guided meditations from leading writer Stephanie Dowrick are combined
with the inspirational gospel-style music of singer-composer Tony Backhouse to create a unique
inner experience of joy, consolation and hope.

Tracks: Save Me Some Grace (song), A Guided Meditation on Grace, Believe in the Miracle (song),
A Guided Meditation on Courage, Children of the Most High (song), Home to your Heart: a daily practice.

Hear an excerpt from A Guided Meditation on Grace
text by Stephanie Dowrick, voices by Tony Backhouse

Available now from Vision Australia:

Anthology/Tutorial CD set

Rehearsing For HeavenRehearsing For Heaven
Various, 2003 (EDAM 001) double CD:
Engineered and produced by Robin Gist

The songbook's companion CD set features 23 songs, 9 of which are broken into the separate soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts for quick and easy learning. This is like having a private lesson in your home or car. The singers are: Robert Maxwell-Jones on bass, Lisa Spence on lead and soprano, Marianne Davidson, Virna Sanzone and Tracey Miller on alto and lead, and Tony on lead and tenor. Tracks: Amazing Grace, Walk in Jerusalem, Out of the Depths, Nobody's Fault But Mine, All Night All Day, Shine On Me, One Morning Soon, Walk in the Light, Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday.

Many of the other tracks are rare original recordings of African American gospel artists, some dating back to the 1940s: Come And Go, Guide My Feet, Up Above My Head, Jesus On The Mainline, Standing On That Rocky Land, My Journey To The Sky, Glory Glory, This Whole World Is In A Bad Condition, You Don't Know What The Lord Has Done For Me, Where Shall I Be When The First Trumpet Sounds, I Bid You Goodnight, If You Miss Me From Singing. Also included is a performance of Guide My Mind by the Heavenly Light Quartet and Remember Me by Tony Backhouse.

Sound Cloud track coming! 

Blessed Relief

Design For Living
Armchair Records (ARM07) 2017 
Produced by Peter Dasent & Tony Backhouse
Available on iTunes & Bandcamp

Man Goes Shopping (Backhouse/Dasent)
Just Another View (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Design For Living (Backhouse/Dasent) 
I Live For Symmetry (Backhouse/Dasent)
Tomorrow's Mullet (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Call Me Elvis (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Like David (Backhouse/Baysting) 
New Sin (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Grow A Moustache (Backhouse/Dasent)
Torch (Backhouse/Dasent) 
No Healer Is Safe From Me (Backhouse/Dasent)
Nostalgia (Backhouse/Dasent) 
I Fear For My Rug (Backhouse/Dasent/Flaws)


Guided Meditations - Grace and Courage can be ordered from Vision Australia:

For the Café of the Gate of Salvation CDs, contact the choir at:

The Café of the Gate of Salvation, Heavenly Light Quartet & Blessed Relief albums are also available at the iTunes store.

The songbooks and Rehearsing For Heaven CD are available from Allans Music and other music shops in Australia - or contact me and I'll figure out the postage and handling - you can pay by cheque or by credit card via Paymate.

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Selected scores of the Café of the Gate of Salvation's original songs are also available from the AMC.