Rehearsing For Heaven


Anthology & tutorial 2-cd set – 
Various, 2003 (EDAM 001).



The  A cappella * Rehearsing For Heaven songbook companion CD set features 23 songs, 9 of which are broken into the separate soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts for quick and easy learning. This is like having a private lesson in your home or car. The singers are: Robert Maxwell-Jones on bass, Lisa Spence on lead and soprano, Marianne Davidson, Virna Sanzone and Tracey Miller on alto and lead, and Tony on lead and tenor.
Tracks: Amazing Grace, Walk in Jerusalem, Out of the Depths, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, All Night All Day, Shine On Me, One Morning Soon, Walk in the Light, Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday.

Many of the other tracks are rare original recordings of African American gospel artists, some dating back to the 1940s: Come And Go, Guide My Feet, Up Above My Head, Jesus On The Mainline, Standing On That Rocky Land, My Journey To The Sky, Glory Glory, This Whole World Is In A Bad Condition, You Don’t Know What The Lord Has Done For Me, Where Shall I Be When The First Trumpet Sounds, I Bid You Goodnight, If You Miss Me From Singing. Also included is a performance of Guide My Mind by the Heavenly Light Quartet and Remember Me by Tony Backhouse.

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