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Songbook updates: revisions and additions

Check this area for revisions and additions to the songbooks. There are new notes about some songs, some corrections, additions to the bibliography, discography and updated links to Black gospel and a cappella resources. (Try YouTube for more versions of the songs in the books.)


p 17-18
Come and Go To That Land
Recorded in 1928 by Arizona Dranes as 'Don’t You Want to Go'
Arizona Dranes
Complete Recorded Works 1926-1929(Document DOCD-5186)

p 19
Remember Me
The Gospelaires of Dayton, Ohio (1968)
Bones in The Valley/Can I Get a Witness MCA MFCD 763

p 21
'Shine On Me' - Blind Willie Johnson and others - The LadyKillers
Soundtrack (DMZ/Columbia 5162742000).
On The Sermon (Specialty SPCD-7041-2) by the Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama.(1953),
'Heavenly Light' is a mix of sermonising, 'Shine On Me' and the Horatio Bonar hymn
'I heard the voice of Jesus say' (here attributed, like many hymns, to Dr Watts).

p25, p138
I Want To Be Ready (p 25) and Don't Feel Noways Tired (p 138) were also
recorded by the Birmingham Jubilee Singers in the 1920s: see Complete
Recorded Works Vol 1
(Document DOCD-5345) (Titled 'Walk in Jerusalem
Just Like John' and 'Glory Hallelujah' respective

p 25, p 135
Walk In The Light, and I Want To Be Ready (Walk in Jerusalem) both turn
up on Raymond Myles' Heaven is the Place CD (NYNO 9606-2).

p 27
Where Shall I Be
Missouri-Pacific Diamond Jubilee Quartette (1927)
Vocal Quartets Vol 5 (Document DOCD-5541)

The Stars of Hope (c.1952) Texas Gospel 1951-1953 Volume 1
(Acrobat ACMCD 4209)

p 38
I Bid You Goodnight
Recorded by Lonnie McIntorsh - Memphis Gospel (1927-1929) Document DOCD-5072
as 'Sleep On, Mother, Sleep On' (gtr/vcl)

'One Morning Soon' was also recorded by Dorothy Love Coates and the
Original Gospel Harmonettes:
Rev CJ Johnson recorded his impassioned version of the  song in 1965:
Boyd Rivers and his wife Ruth May Rivers sang it (as 'I Heard The Angels Singing')
for Alan Lomax in 1978, you can see the footage here:
A wonderful (and rather different) arrangement was recorded by Joyce & Johnita
Collins, (you can find it on the excellent box-set anthology
This May Be My Last Time
Raw African-American Gospel on 45RPM, 1957-1982, 
Tomkins Square TSQ2639) and appears on the soundtrack of the film Selma. 
For Sister Rosetta Tharpe's version, watch here:

p 44
'I'm Going to Sit at the Welcome Table'
In the Alan Lomax Deep River of Song series: South Carolina (Got the
Keys to the Kingdom),
this song - called '(Some of These Days) Going
Down to the River of Jordan' - was performed a cappella by Zack Knox in
1937 'Where Shall I Be' also appears, sung in 1937 by Lillie Knox and
Thelma Knox, as 'Wants to be in Heaven when the First Trumpet Sounds'
(Rounder 82161-1831-2).

p 56
'Ninety Nine and a Half' is sung on Sing For Freedom
The story of the Civil Rights Movement through its songs
(Smithsonian/Folkways SF 40032) by Carlton Reece and the Birmingham
Movement Choir, 1963. The same compilation also contains 'Guide My Feet'
(p 125) which is sung in a traditional call & response congregational
style by Doc Reese and congregation in 1964.
'99 and 1/2 Won't Do' by Lula Collins is on the radio show Sinner's Crossroad WFMU May 18, 2003 (

p 67
The Storm is Passing Over (Robinson? arr. A. Walker).
A recent recording of this song can be found on Sacred Steel - Live!
(Arhoolie CD 472) by Denise Brown and the Campbell Brothers. Wild pedal-
and lap-steel guitar playing. These guys claim to NOT play rock'n'roll,
you decide for yourself. Check out the other Sacred Steel CDs and videos
on Arhoolie

Aint you got a right to the tree of life? Guy and Candie Carawan (Brown
Thrasher Books/University of Georgia Press 1989) Contains a
transcription of 'The Storm is Passing Over', with a similar structure
to the one recorded by the Caravans and the Sensational Nightingales.
Makes me think the song predates the famous Tindley composition.

p 76
'Gonna reach my heavenly home someday' - this tune appears with different
words on the 1953 recording by the Trinity Baptist Church Choir:
'Witness, witness, witness ooh,
my soul is a witness for my Lord.'
(Pewburner PB 610). Nice, too.

p 80
Swayed by the perceived authority of the printed word, I've always taken
it that Joe Johnson of the Trumpeteers wrote 'Jesus' Love Bubbles Over'
because his name appears on it in the Gospel Jubilee disc (RBD 1401),
Milky White Way. However, the Flying Clouds of Detroit recorded it in
1947, 3 years before the Trumpeteers, in a version closer to the one I'm
familiar with, that of the Fairfield four or the Birmingham Sunlights.
Of course, that bit of chronology tells us nothing, Johnson could still
have written it. Anyhow the Flying Clouds' version, and their version of
'My Journey To The Sky' and 'Out of the Depths' are now out on the
P-Vine CD Wings of Faith, Detroit Gospel 1946-1950 (PCD 5822). It's a
good collection, and has Rev C. L. Franklin on it as well, but like all
P-Vine stuff, it can be pricey. (You could also get a lot of the Flying
Clouds' tracks from Pewburner.)
'Jesus' Love Just Bubbles Over' (as 'Hallelujah') - Fairfield Four:
Wreckin' The House (Live at Mt Hope) (Dead Reckoning Records DEAR 0009).
Another variant titled ‘Hallelujah’ appears on The Sermon (Specialty SPCD-7041-2)
by the Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama.(1956).

p 84
'Jesus Is On The Mainline'
Yet another version of this tune appears on the great Fairfield
Four/Skylarks bass singer Isaac Freeman's solo outing Beautiful Stars
(Isaac Freeman and the Bluebloods) Lost Highway 088 170 267-2 (2002)

p 88-90
'This whole world is a bad condition'
Recent listening to CDS have revealed the limitations of my ears and the old cassettes
I once used. Here are real words of bars 9-11:

Bad Condition bass revision Bad Condition bass revision (41 KB)

p 91
(Hush) Somebody's Callin’ My Name
Charlie Patton recorded this with partner Bertha Lee as ’Oh Death’.
King of the Delta Blues: The Music of Charlie Patton
(Yazoo 2001)

p 99, 119
'Guide My Mind' (as 'Guide My Hand') and 'Journey To The Sky' are on the
Dixie Hummingbirds CD Journey To The Sky -the Legendary Recordings

p 105
'All Night All Day'
I've come across a Thomas A. Dorsey songbook containing this a variant
of this song as 'Angels Watching Over Me'. I understood that it was a
'traditional' song i.e. of unknown authorship, because none of the
recordings I have say anything different. It's often difficult to
ascertain who wrote a lot of traditional material, and I've sometimes
come across the case of someone who has arranged a song claiming to have
written it - two quite different things in the Western intellectual
property world. Most sources list it as 'traditional'.
The songbook - which includes Peace In The Valley and Precious Lord, for
piano/vocal/guitar - is Great Gospel Songs of Thomas A Dorsey, (1988,
Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.)
The Hightower Brothers: The Best of the Hightower Brothers (Nashboro NAS
4004) (as Angels Watch Over Me)
Swan Silvertone Singers (Pewburner PB 532)
Ysaye. M Barnwell: Singing in the African American Tradition Volume 2 (Homespun)

p 116
'If You Miss Me From Singin' - was also recorded by the Staples Singers
in 1956 as 'Come Up In Glory' (VeeJay NVG2-600).
Reissued on CD, female ensemble the Argo Singers sang this song as 'Come
On Up To Bright Glory', (1961) The same CD also contains 'Where Shall I
Be' (1961). (Rhino-Collectables: COL CD- 7228;

p 119
'My Journey To The Sky': written by Dorothy Austin of the Austin Gospel Singers of Toledo, Ohio, published in 1944 by the Austin Studio of Gospel Music whose rights were administered by Martin and Morris of Chicago. Thanks to Reading Between The Grooves for this info.
Also recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band.

p 125
'Guide My Feet': see recent CD Kings of the Gospel Highway - The Golden
Age of Gospel Quartets (Spirit Feel/Shanachie 6039). The Pilgrim
Travellers recorded this wonderful version in 1951 (under the title of
'Lord Hold My Hand')

p 128
'Jesus Met The Woman At The Well' - Swan Silvertone Singers (Pewburner
PB 532

'Walk In The Light' - Evangelist Quartet - None But The Righteous -
Chess Gospel Greats (MCA CHD -9336).

Zora Neale Hurston mentions the song in her novel 'Their Eyes Were Watching God', 1937.

We'll walk in de light, de beautiful light
Come where the dew drops of mercy shine bright
Shine all around us by day and by night
Jesus, the light of the world.

They, all of them, all of the people took it up and sung it over and over
until it was wrung dry, and no further innovations of tone and tempo
were conceivable. Then they hushed and ate barbecue.

p 151

Errata: 'Thandaza', bar 14 - the sopranos should sing a D, not an E. See PDF below. Drat.

Thandaza Bars 13-14 Thandaza Bars 13-14 (31 KB)

p 154
Errata: 'Sinje je je', the clapping pattern is NOT, as written, on every
quaver/8th note, but should occur on every crotchet/quarter note. Erk!
hope you still have some skin on your hands

p 157
errata:'Sathane Akanamandla': if you bought the book before 2005 you'll find I notated this South African gospel song in an eccentric fashion, ie. I don't know what I was thinking the day I transcribed it. The attached PDF addresses the glaring errors and makes a lot more sense. (The fourth edition (2005) has the song notated correctly)

Click here for PDF

p210-211 - Additions to the Bibliography:

Carawan, Guy & Candie. Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree of Life. The
People of Johns Island, South Carolina—Their Faces, Their Words, and
Their Songs (University of Georgia Press) 1989

Darden, Robert. People Get Ready: A New History of Gospel Music
(Continuum, New York) 2004

Dent, Cedric Carl. The Harmonic Development of the Black Religious
Quartet Singing Tradition

(Ph.D Dissertation, University of Maryland 1997)

Hinson, Glenn D. When The Words Roll and the Fire Flows: Spirit, Style
and Experience in African American Gospel Performance
Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania) 1989)

Jackson, Joyce Marie. The Performing Black Sacred Quartet: an expression
of cultural values and aesthetics.
(Ph.D Dissertation, Indiana
University) 1988

Johnson, E. Patrick. Appropriating Blackness. Performance and The
Politics of Authenticity.
(Duke University Press) 2003. The 59-page chapter 'Sounds of Blackness Down
Under' looks at Australians (specifically the Café of the Gate of Salvation) singing Black Gospel.
Appropriating Blackness at Google Books

The Cambridge Companion to Blues and Gospel.
(Cambridge University Press 2002)

Titon, Jeff Todd (general editor). Worlds of Music: An Introduction to
the Music of the World's Peoples
(Schirmer Books, New York, 1992). It's
got a good chapter on Black American traditions: church, the blues,
diddley bows etc, with interesting transcriptions of vocal performances.
The other chapters look good too - Native America, Africa, Eastern
Europe, India, Indonesia, Asia, Latin America. Comes with cassette or CD.

Young, Alan. The Pilgrim Travellers, (University of Mississippi) 2001

Zolten, Jerry. Great God A’mighty. The Dixie Hummingbirds. Celebrating
the Rise of Soul Gospel Music (Oxford University Press 2003)


Hogan, Moses. Feel The Spirit Vol 1:Thirty-five arrangements for Mixed Chorus
(Hal Leonard, Milwaukee) 2003 (SATB Spirituals)

Feel the Spirit, Vol 2: Twenty-Eight Arrangements for Mixed Chorus
(Hal Leonard, Milwaukee) 2003 (SATB Spirituals)

Slave Songs of The United States (orig published in 1867) Reprinted by
Applewood Books, Bedford Mass.

Zion sill sings - for every generation (Abingdon Press, Nashville 2007)
A further volume of Songs of Zion, which includes contemporary songs, rap, South African gospel etc.

Celebration Hymnal - Word Music/Integrity Music (USA)

Parrish, Lydia. Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands
Brown Thrasher Books (University of Georgia Press)
Originally published 1942. New edition 1992

Warren, Gwendolen Sims. Ev’rytime I Feel The Spirit. 101 Best-Loved
Psalms, Gospel Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the African-American Church
(Henry Holt & Co) New York 1997

Online source of songbooks:

p 213-214:
check these sites for information on traditional Black gospel:
Vocal Group Harmony Lives!

Gospel discography, bibliography etc
Golden Gate Quartet
Shape-note singing:

For 1940s-1950s gospel quartets recordings, a great source is - rare stuff by the Soul Stirrers, Spirit of
Memphis, etc. Recommended. Don't expect commercially flash packaging or
liner notes, but if you know what you're after, this is a great resource.

Document Records
American pre-war roots music recordings.

Homespun Tapes
Instructional tapes, CDs, videos etc. on instrumental and singing
Box 694 Woodstock NY 12498, USA
(914) 679 7832/(914) 246 2550

Mainely A cappella ‘the largest selection of a cappella music in the
world through a printed catalog and internet’: CDs, DVDs, songbooks etc.

Pewburner Records Rare recordings of quartets, preachers and soloists
from the ’40s—’60s

Primarily A Cappella CDs, cassettes, songbooks and scores.
PO Box D, San Anselmo CA 94979, USA
Ph: (415) 455 8602 Fax: (415) 459 1622

Roots & Rhythm
On-line roots music.
El Cerrito, CA 94530 USA
Fax : 510-526-9001

Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings

For African CDs:

A cappella VIDEOS:
check out the Primarily A cappella catalogue:, and
the Mainely Acappella catalogue:

African Music

World Music


Australian National Choral association (ANCA)

The Boite
The Boîte supports excellent artists from diverse cultural communities,
promotes audience development through innovative presentation and
emphasises access and participation. The Boîte runs all year around: in
addition to the Winter Festival, a January Singers' Festival runs in
    The World Music Cafe is the Boîte's heart. The Cafe boasts a history of
over 800 extraordinary concerts, providing professional opportunities for
thousands of musicians, dancers and story tellers from all around the world.
Annually, the Boîte organises 200 live events. These are complemented by
weekly programs on community radio PBS-FM; annual compilation CDs;
quality publications, and a comprehensive web site.

Community Music Victoria
A great resource for choirs, training, and community music making:

Natural Voice Practitioners Network
The Natural Voice Practitioners' Network is an organisation for Practitioners who share a common philosophy and approach to voice work. We believe that singing is everyone's birthright and we are committed to teaching styles that are accepting and inclusive of all, regardless of musical experience and ability.

New Zealand Association of Barbershop Singers Inc. (NZABS)
These guys look like they are having fun.

US Barbershop organisation; publishes The Harmonizer magazine.7930
Sheridan Road, Kenosha, WI 53143, USA262-653-8440 / fax 262-654-5552 /

Sweet Adelines International (Aust.)

The Sydney A cappella Association called it a day after 10 years of
promoting and encouraging vocal harmony traditions in Sydney. After
several massive multicultural concerts (eg.The Choral Sea), several
festivals (the Sydney A cappella Festival), many issues of the Oral
Majority and many gigs the organisation seemed to have fulfilled its
    However there is an online group, if you want to receive or send info
about events in Sydney:

Tasmanian A cappella Association, Inc.
GPO Box 2058, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7001
(03) 6223 8323 and (03) 6223 4118

United in Group Harmony Association (UGHA)
A well organised group dedicated to the preservation, exposure and
education of
American pioneer vocal group music
PO Box 185, Clifton NJ 07011, USA
Ph: (201) 470 8442

VoiceMoves WA (Inc.)
Western Australian community singing resource: networking,
skill-building, workshops, performances etc.
President: Monica Lacey
Voice Moves WA (Inc)
176/12 Wall St, Maylands WA 6051

Updates to MOVE ON UP

pp 4-6
'Almighty God' is a favourite song of mine – I imagined when I put the book together that I'd exhausted all avenues in searching for the composer of the song. My friend Mae Barnes, from whom I learned it, told me it was by Loula Collins—I did a search, but didn't get far. Now, I've come across the late Lula Collins 'the Delta gospel queen' and I'm listening to her rocking version online as I write this (, rather ashamed that I didn't know about her before, in spite of clues in Alan Young's book Woke Me Up This Morning… She also sings 'Who Will Be Able', an obvious precurser of the Richard Smallwood song 'Great Day'. She's great. Lula Collins' CD is called Delta Gospel Queen. You can also hear her excellent versions of 'This Joy' and '99 and 1/2 Won't Do' on Sinner's Crossroad WFMU May 18, 2003 (

pp 14-15
'I Know I've Been Changed' – thanks to Stuart Davis for alerting me to the very earthy version, (redolent of the Staples Singers) by John Hammond and Tom Waits, from Hammond's CD Wicked Grin.
Dixie Hummingbirds - The Best of Classic Gospel (Stardust)

pp 19-20
I Shall Not Be moved
Mount Zion Baptist Quartet (1927)
Vocal Quartets Vol 5 (Document DOCD-5541)
Charlie Patton
King of the Delta Blues: The Music of Charlie Patton
(Yazoo 2001)

pp 35-37
Ride On, King Jesus
Some performances on youtube:

pp 45-45
Something Got A Hold On Me has been a favourite of mine since I heard it sung my a male chorus at Mercy Seat BC in New Orleans back in the '90s. I published the song in my Move On Up book back in 2004, and I assumed it was a traditional tune - after all, that's what it says on the Ward Singers' CD - but Kate Swadling asked for clarification, and thanks to gospel historian Bob Marovich in Chicago, I learned it was written by Rev. Charles A. Craig II. Of whom, shamefully, I had previously not heard. 
    Bob wrote: 'Rev. Charles A. Craig II was a musician and songwriter who came from St. Louis to Detroit and worked in the music ministry of Rev. James Lofton at Church of Our Prayer, a Spiritual church. If you know the 1954 VJ single, "Great Day," he's on there. In 1958, Craig organized Prayer Tabernacle Church, another Spiritual church. James Cleveland became Craig's music minister and together they formed the Voices of Tabernacle Choir. This 125-voice group made those marvelous HOB albums, and introduced several soloists to the gospel community, notably Hulah Gene Dunklin Hurley, Richard Roquemore, Louise McCord, and George Jordan. Craig was musically gifted, and what he knew about complex harmonies and chords was what made the Voices of Tabernacle special.'
    You can find James Cleveland and the Voices of Tabernacle singing Something Got a Hold On Me: There's a verse section in there I hadn't heard before. Interesting.And there's a TV Gospel Time version by the Blind Boys of Alabama on YouTube here, (it also appears in the movie 'Rejoice and Shout', where the song is credited to bass singer John Fields)

pp 46-49
Troubled All About My Soul
Charlie Patton recorded it as ‘Troubled ‘Bout My Mother’ (with Bertha Lee)
King of the Delta Blues: The Music of Charlie Patton
(Yazoo 2001)

p 59
You Got To Move
Rev. Gary Davis
Manchester Free Trade Hall 1964
(Document 32-20-14)