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What we have here is a collaboration between longtime friends and colleagues Tony Backhouse
& Peter Dasent, featuring songs they’ve written (with contributions by Arthur Baysting & Fane Flaws).
One of the band is an
a cappella choral director & one is an instrumental wiz, and this project is where
their obsessions overlap to create an idiosyncratic vision of rock with funny chords, chamber music
& funk. Reclusive to a fault, they have been known emerge from the Beige Continent to do the odd
house concert in Sydney. However, their seclusion is now at an end with the Blessed Relief CD 
Design For Living released on Armchair Records in July 2017. 

Photo by Alex Craig

The album was recorded with the usual Bend/No Engine cohorts, mostly from Sydney:
Jonathan Zwartz, Alex Hewitson or Dave Symes (bass); Hamish Stuart or Bruno
Lawrence (drums); Virna Sanzone (vocals); plus a crack Sydney horn section
(James Greening, trombone / Andrew Robson, Matt Keegan & Paul Cutlan, saxes /
Miroslav Bukovsky, trumpet), New Orleans singer Jonte Mayon, and members of the 
ACO and Noise string quartet.

Tony Backhouse plays guitar, sings lead and backing vocals, plays bass on one track,
and arranged the vocals and some of the strings and horns.

Peter Dasent plays all the keyboards and was responsible most of the music and for
the bulk of the very nifty orchestrations.


Man Goes Shopping (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Just Another View (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Design For Living (Backhouse/Dasent) 
I Live For Symmetry (Backhouse/Dasent)
Tomorrow's Mullet (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Call Me Elvis (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Like David (Backhouse/Baysting) 
New Sin (Backhouse/Dasent) 
Grow A Moustache (Backhouse/Dasent)
Torch (Backhouse/Dasent) 
No Healer Is Safe From Me (Backhouse/Dasent)
Nostalgia (Backhouse/Dasent) 
I Fear For My Rug (Backhouse/Dasent/Flaws)

Design For Living (ARM07) is now available on iTunes & Bandcamp, as well as old-school CD.


Here is the Man Goes Shopping video, directed by our longtime friend and colleague Fane Flaws


Nick Bollinger's review on The Sampler

Insight: Blessed Relief - Notes on a Collaboration (Peter Dasent in Resonate Magazine)


February 22 2018             Foundry 616, Sydney

February 24 2018             Live at the Village, Springwood, Blue Mountains