The Ephemeral Choir 2019

BLUE MOUNTAINS 13 - 20 October 2019

ANDERS NYBERG (Sweden/South Africa)


SUE JOHNSON (Melbourne)

The Ephemeral Choir is a total immersion in singing and beauty. 

In the historic Carrington Hotel - a wonderful Art Deco hotel - we will rehearse in the stately Ballroom with two of the finest choir directors in the world: 

TONY BACKHOUSE - acclaimed gospel singer/arranger/choir director - and from Sweden

ANDERS NYBERG - internationally acclaimed composer/ choir director/writer and Oscar-nominated co-author  & musical director of the classic Swedish movie: As It Is In Heaven

In support we have renowned  Melbourne choir director and composer SUE JOHNSON as our Choir Manager. 

This week of song, set in the magnificent Blue Mountains west of Sydney, seeks to capture the moment, 

wrap it in song and craft a perfect marriage of beauty and sound, set against the colour and grandeur of the World Heritage Blue Mountains. 

Singing to its beauty allows that landscape to be more fully experienced.

 We'll bathe in the beauty of the Blue Mountains; in its secret places and in classic spring gardens; 

sing in an outback church in the magnificent Megalong Valley and conclude our week with 

a performance in the Cathedral Cave in the Jenolan, filmed and recorded as a memorial to this incredible experience. 



The Ephemeral Choir is a total immersion in singing d beauty. Add three great Choirmasters, a World Heritage National Park


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