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Running With Cheese

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Wrapping up the year

Tony Backhouse - Thursday, November 22, 2018

This weekend (November 23-25) I'm running my last workshop for the year, the first I've held in Sydney for 4 years, and it seems an exciting way to bring 2018 to a close. I'm looking forward to rocking out with you all!
It's been an intense year - moving back to Sydney after 10 years in NZ; a series of remarkable workshops throughout Australia & NZ; the Dharma Trail; Festival of Voices with the Cafe of the Gate of Salvation; two months in the US & Canada. The high point had to be the 10th Gospel Tour, where we heard some amazing groups & choirs (some of them new to me) & renewed connections with the awe-inspring singers, preachers & music ministers I'm honoured to call my friends. 

Next year promises to bring more travel (Japan, the Australian outback, Italy & the UK) as well as the release of the Bend album. And a new (& eye-rollingly overdue) new website. And good intentions to write this blog more frequently - how long has it been?