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Running With Cheese

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Design For Living

Tony Backhouse - Monday, May 15, 2017

(Photo by Alex Craig)

Blessèd relief is not only the name of our project, but the feeling Peter Dasent and I are currently experiencing - as well as fulfilment and a sort of bubbly masculinity - at the completion of our CD DESIGN FOR LIVING. We're proud of it and we're launching it in Sydney on July 22, at the Foundry 616, Harris St Ultimo, with a band comprising Jonathan Zwartz, Evan Mannell, James Greening, Andrew Robson, Virna Sanzone & Lisa Spence. The album has been mixed by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios, mastered by Rick Oneill at Turtlerock and Fane Flaws is at this very moment feverishly completing the CD booklet.