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Running With Cheese

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BEND undresses the song

Tony Backhouse - Monday, December 28, 2015

Bend at Raglan

BEND's brief house concert tour of the North Island was distinguished by a) the fact that we never actually performed in a house (studio, pub, cafe, garage, garden, yes, but no houses) & b) the sheer fun of sharing a road-trip with close chums. The audience may be forgiven for sometimes thinking that the music was merely a delivery mechanism for our own fun, but that's what's good about this line-up: there's fun to be had, even if the bucks don't stack up. Songs that we had never played before (Can life Really Be This Good?), recent songs (Give Me What I Want), songs honouring deceased chums (Hey Dude) & songs we wrote in the'70s & '80s (I Live For Symmetry, The Way You Get Your Way) were way-stations in this weird landscape of song-writing inhabited by me, Fane Flaws & Peter Dasent.

    Thanks to Fane for his prodigious energy in putting the tour together, and to Mike Knapp, Neil Hannan & Jocelyn Carlin, Tom McCormick, Dave Fowell, Jaimie McPhail, Roger King & Liffy Roberts for hospitality, gear-wrangling & good times.

Auckland gig