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Running With Cheese

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Australian Tour Autumn 2017

Tony Backhouse - Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just coming down from a great few days in Brisbane. First I had a wonderful morning working with choirs at the Queensland Conservatorium Jazz School, where I was inspired by the enthusiasm, spirit and thirst for learning of the students, and I was happy to reconnect with Dr Irene Bartlett, and have a splendid meeting with Francesca de Valance. Over the weekend, I worked with a whole bunch of great singers at my annual Brisbane workshop (thanks to Ingrid James & Spencer Whiteley), and some more awe-inspiring moments ensued there. And caught up with longtime chums Chancie Jessop, Yani Mills & Pete Cox, Alicia Laidlaw & Lisa Smith. Love youse all.
      Now it's off to Sydney to record final touch-ups & mix the Blessed Relief CD, &to work with the Honeybees. Then it's the Backroaders for 9 days of on the road mayhem - I get to work with Yani Mills & a whole bunch of lovely singers as we tour from the Blue Mountains to Canberra to the South Coast, learning new repertoire and performing.

After that, back to Sydney to have the CD mastered - a blessed relief indeed, I mean, Peter & I only started recording in 2005. Then it's a couple of weeks off, hanging in Melbourne & Sydney with close friends.