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Running With Cheese

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A review of the BEND

Tony Backhouse - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

After a cracker of a night in the wilds of the Wairarapa, where 50 people squeezed into an exceedingly cozy space, the Bend got the following review from Karl duFresne:
- so, thanks, Karl. It was one of the best nights of our recent tour. 10 gigs in 11 days was hard work for a bunch of old geezers, but we're determined to keep pumping it out until we can't do it any more. Peter Dasent, just off the Last Waltz tour, played amazing solo piano and organ - of course, the audience didn't realise that every night he played something new and dazzling, they probably thought he played the same thing every time - and our Blessèd Relief segment was well received. And fun. Actually, it was all fun. Thanks to Fane for being not only a vivid raconteur, louche frontman and magical guitarist, but for doing all the hard work behind the scenes. Thanks to Andy for glorious falsetto, great grooves and for lowering the median age of the band. 
And thanks to all our hosts & venues, and to Jonathan Clouston, Paul Jeffrey and all who helped us get back on the road. 

The BEND on Queenstown.